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Just Art Association is a platform “JUST” for art. Purely. Not about anything else. The only thing we care about is every member of PEOPLE. We seek new ideas about theatre. We are also interested in making them into reality. We believe “ART” is a strong and great entrance people might be directed to during this moment. We dedicated to producing and organizing international collaborative theatre arts activities. We:

(i) Organize experimental theatre arts project ' is Theatre' on a permanent basis.

(ii) Organize worldwide exchange programs/theatre content.

(iii) Organize lectures, talks, workshops and other arts education activities for different public groups.

(iv) Planning of the International Festival of Contemporary Art.


We hope that through international collaborative artistic activities we can explore new forms of theatre, discover the diversity and possibilities of theatre and reflect a more diverse theatrical environment. We also hope to promote exchanges between artists from Spain and the rest of the world, so that artists from different regions can come together to produce more exciting work. We also want to bring people together to participate and experience the arts through public art events. Art is no longer a noble activity, it comes from life and should be given back to life.


With these aims and objectives in mind, we will from time to time organize various art events and gather more talented artists to join us!

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