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18 July | Restaurant OPEN


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The word Trance comes from the Latin transīre: to transit, to transport oneself. The experiences known as "falling into trance" or "going into trance" refer to a psychological mechanism in which a person abandons himself or herself to certain external or internal conditions and experiences an altered state of consciousness. It is also a path of spiritual enlightenment for the soul, a kind of purification.

Five friends meet at Alberto's house, who takes the initiative to invite Paula, Pau, Yuri and Ángela. Most of them have known each other for a long time and have a lot of purchasing power, but they don't know that there is something else that keeps them together. After several months, they will have a night meeting where the tensions and the atmosphere will lead to a reveal of secrets and their consequences: a critical moment where all the characters will pass through this altered and involuntary state of consciousness.

Trance is also known for being a dissociative disorder caused by different traumas that involve the breakdown of mental processes such as memory, identity or consciousness, and it is this dissociation that our characters will experience on this journey.


Are you coming to experience it with them?

About The Artist

Xiomara Wanden (Alicante)


Graduated from the School of Dramatic Arts in Seville. Actress, theater director. Professor of the Classical Theater Classroom of the University of Alicante.

Main works as actress:Las Furias text by Jose Alvarado directed by David García. She participated in Alicante a Escena 2020 and Muestra de Autores Contemporáneos 2020. Mujer dulce en todas las noches de un hombre dormido, directed by Antonio la Fuente, 2019. SOMIADORES by Ivan Jiménez, 2019.

Main works as director:
Direction Aula Teatro Clásico UA. Fuenteovejuna. 2020/2021
Direction MEDEA for the University of Alicante. 2019/2020
Direction of Contra el Amor by Esteve Soler, for the UA. On tour.

Alberto Gattoni (Alicante)


He is an actor, musician and vocalist from Alicante. In 2018 he participated in the theater festival "Entre dos aguas" (Madrid) as an actor in the play 19 directed by Lex Davies, and he was the winner of the best actors award. 

Paula Mateos (Alicante)


She is an actress and dancer from Alicante. She is creative and passionate about her work. She is the lead actress in the play Fuenteovejuna 2040 directed by Xiomara Wanden.

Ángela Salcedo (Alicante)


She is an actress, poet and linguist of Hispanic philology at the University of Alicante. She is the author of the poetry book El silencio de la herida (Editorial Autografía), 2021.

Paula Quevedo (Alicante)


She is an actress and student of Robotics Engineering at the University of Alicante. She has a great passion for theater. She is one of the main actors of the Aula de Teatro de UA.

Iurii Doyhun (Alicante)


He is an actor, photographer and student of Robotics Engineering at the University of Alicante. He is the main actor of the play Fuenteovejuna 2040 directed by Xiomara Wanden.

Time & Location

July 18th, 1800- 2000

Calle Manuel Antón, 12, 03001 Alicante, Spain

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