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Artistic Director/ Founder



Professional Acting Instructor, Curator, Scholar

She studied at the Shanghai Theatre Academy, one of the best theatre schools in China, for her degree and master. She also taught at this school for 21 years, teaching professional acting and dedicated to international theatre research. Due to the epidemic, she left her job at the end of 2020 and is currently living in Spain.


She’s been to Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin, Berlin University of the Arts, University of Munich; Long Island University Brooklyn, Columbia University, and New York University as an official visiting scholar. She has traveled to European festivals, art institutions, and related universities over the years.    


In recent years, she has been involved in curating international arts festivals in China and introducing high-quality international theatre productions


In 2016, she founded a Shanghai-based independent arts organization, Vertebra Theatre, and serves as its artistic director. Vertebra Theatre is dedicated to producing international collaborative contemporary theatre content and diverse arts education. It has won numerous art awards in the  Chinese-speaking region.

Refer to to know more about Vertebra Theatre.

Li Qianpeng
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