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09 &10 October |18:00-19:20

Aula de Cultura de la Fundación Caja Mediterráneo

The Brave Jane

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Hanna, a washwoman who dreams of great heroic deeds, tousled and airy-fairy, doesn’t have an easy life.
Unmanageable clothespins, sneaky laundry lines, a washing basin with dizzying abysses and – most of all – a dirty and lazy pile of laundry can only be overcome with great cunning.

Hanna’s only gleam of hope is her book about the heroic deeds of Joan of Arc, which she devotedly reads during her breaks. Yes! She would trade her lonely and exhausting life in a second for adventures, glory and honour. Dream and reality immingle, lose their boundaries.

The washing trough becomes a warship, the pile of laundry the battle horse... even pants “come flying down from the sky” and dub her knight: Long live Joan of ArPpo!

For lack of foreign conquerors she declares war on her bitterest enemy without further ado: the huge pile of dirty laundry.
Neither brawls nor drinking bouts, neither treachery nor cowardice can discourage the brave heroine, who – armed with pans and buckets – puts up a good fight.

But little people have a hard time stepping out from someone’s shadow... and Hanna heroically drowns in her washing basin.

About The Artist

Gardi Hutter (Switzerland)

Since 1981, Gardi Hutter has taken her clown theatre halfway round the world, putting over 3600 shows in 33 countries so far. She has created 8 theatre and 1 circus productions and been awarded 17 prizes for her art. Gardi Hutter produziert autonom. She performs in theatres and barns, concert halls and culture factories, festivals and favelas. She is always greeted with enthusiasm by public and press wherever she goes.

Whether she appears as washerwoman, mouse, prompter or tailor, her almost wordless solos uncover tiny, absurd universes in which the characters put up a brave but forlorn fight for happiness. The tragicomedy is remorselessly carried to the limit, to the delight of the audience.

Gardi Hutter’s stories are tragicomic parables of the today world, with moll and without moralizing. Her characters show all facets of female non-virtues: tousled, fury, nasty, crazy, touching and poetic. The press calls her a “comic phenomena”.

Time & Location

9th &10th ​October, 1800- 1920

Aula de Cultura de Fundación Mediterráneo.

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