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We Want You!

In August, we're opening up theatre in a new way.

DIFFERENCE is Theatre International Festival is about to start its second intercultural collaborative performance. We are now looking for a production assistant.

Explore with the world's finest artists
Presenting never-before-seen and innovative performances
If you love theatre
want to break the boundaries


Come and witness this magical moment with us!



  • Requirements:
    - Sound artist, percussionist, with DJ experience preferred;
    - Have the ability to use objects to create sounds on-site, or pre-record and play them back in performance.  
    - Have an open mind and be willing to participate in experimental creations.

  • Dates and schedule:
    - Rehearsal: 1 August - 11 August, 14:00 - 18:00 (tentative, subject to change depending on rehearsal situation).
    - Performance: 12 August - 14 August, 9:00 - End of event (tentative).

  • Venue
    - Russafa, Valencia

  • Remuneration: Negotiable. NO per diem or accommodation will be offered.


Production Assistant

  • Job Description
    - Prepare and organise the rehearsal space before and after rehearsals
    - During rehearsals, recording the rehearsals in writing and on video (including photos and videos), collating and uploading on the same day
    - Spanish - English on-site interpretation
    - Preparation of props, equipment, etc. as required by the production team
    - Other production work as required
    - Assist the production team with the preparation and on-set work during the performance as required by the production team to ensure the successful completion of the performance

  • Working hours
    - Rehearsals: 1 August - 17 August, 13:30 - 18:30, weekends off (tentative, subject to change depending on rehearsals)
    - Performance: 18 - 21 August, 9:00 - end of the event

  • Workplace
    - Russafa, Valencia

  • Recruiting: students and graduates in the arts or arts management; theatre lovers

  • Requirements.
    - A passion for theatre, an interest in cross-cultural collaborative artistic projects and a desire to participate in productions
    - Fluency in Spanish and English, reading and writing
    - Proficiency in Office and other software
    - Flexibility, a high level of communication and self-management skills, and the ability to work alone on given assignments

  • Remuneration: negotiable. 
    Accommodation and food on your own

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