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Produce high-quality intercultural
theatre content 
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What is "          is Theatre" International Festival (ITIF) ?

Founded in 2021 by JUST ART ASSOCIATION, a non-profit art organization based in Spain, _____ is Theatre International Festival fosters trans-disciplinary and multicultural collaborations between artists around the world, and continues to explore the possibility of "theatre" from different angles of practice, research, and education. In each ITIF, the artists in residency will collaborate based on a specific theme. Aside from displaying the final work to the public, they will also exchange and share their creative processes with different audience groups through a variety of activities. At the same time, well-developed works on related themes will be selected and invited for performances on an international scale. ITIF especially values the work and growth of early-career artists. With the development and changes of society and the theatre field, ITIF will also flexibly optimize its organizational form.


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